Daily Archives: October 25, 2015

By Christine Kang, WSA Director of Content The HBS Pensieve As is tradition, in the HBS Pensieve we ask modest HBS students: what is your superpower? And while they answer, we draw out their incredible stories of perseverance, achievement, and leadership. This week we welcome Onaizah Panhwar (New Section I) to the Pensieve. It was a privilege to hear Ona’s story, and we know you will be as inspired as we are by her. Ona’s superpower is strength of steel. Her strength comes to the fore as courage in times of adversity; after becoming the head of her family at the […]


This week Series W spoke to Uyen Tang, the founder of STYLECABLE, a curated online boutique that gives independent fashion designers a platform to share their story and connect with fans and customers. How did you develop the idea for STYLECABLE? My inspiration for STYLECABLE came from
 my travels as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. State Department. Whether it was a dress that I brought back from Singapore or a hand-crafted piece of jewelry from Tajikistan, friends would always ask, “Where did you find that?” I loved sharing the story of the piece and its designer with my […]