Gender-equality clubs similar to HBS’s Manbassadors are spreading to other MBA programs and getting national press! Most recently The Washington Post has written about the 22s, Wharton’s gender equality club run by men. Simran Singh, who cofounded the 22s, said “’One of the key ideas behind the group was we wanted to dispel the notion that gender equality is a women’s issue. We wanted to show that it’s a universal issue.'” Read the full article here. 


The Huffington Post has written about manbassadors, describing the program as ‘a powerful ray of hope’. Men at the Harvard Business School: An Unexpected Voice for Redefining Success “Something exciting is happening along the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts. The voice of men at the Harvard Business School — future business leaders of tomorrow — have joined with their female counterparts to support gender equality, including better work-life balance for all. During National Work and Family Month, this is surely cause for celebration. In the fall of 2013, leaders of the Women’s Student Association (WSA) at the storied business school […]


When leaders of the Women’s Student Association at Harvard Business School (HBS) were considering how to better address gender issues on campus, one thing they knew they would need was an effective way to deliver their message. It didn’t take long before the women realized that some of the best potential envoys were right there in front of them: men. Enter the Manbassadors, a program launched earlier this fall to get men on the HBS campus more closely engaged in gender equality and gender dynamics, concerns typically seen as primarily of interest to women…. Read the full article on the […]