The 26th WSA Conference will be held on Saturday, February 25th, 2017!


Watch this space for more updates.

2016 Conference: 25th Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference

The 25th Annual HBS Women’s Student Association Conference was held on February 20th, 2016. To celebrate the Conference’s 25-year history, we  reflected not only on the progress made for women in business, but also recognized the continuing need to push for even greater change. The  theme, “Shaping The Next 25,”challenged us to stretch our vision of the future and determined how we can make incremental changes today to ensure continued long-term progress. Furthermore, the theme reminded us that the future belongs to all of us—men and women alike. “Shaping The Next 25” is a call to move beyond viewing these challenges as solely a women’s issue, and instead embrace them as an issue belonging to everyone. 

Check out the video clips below that highlight the 2014 Conference Day. We promise you a fun-filled day of thoughtful discussions, amazing keynote addresses, and rewarding networking opportunities in the 2017 conference as well!

Highlights from our 2014 Conference!