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Welcome to the WSA blog! We’re very excited to start writing a short piece on something we find interesting or useful or that we just love each week. We’d love feedback, so please send us thoughts, feelings and better alternatives.

This week, Melissa is writing about the comeback of news digest emails:

In the non-stop break from reality that is #lifeathbs, I find news digest emails¬†¬†painfully necessary in keeping up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. In my first couple of months at HBS, I had far too many conversations with friends and family that made me feel woefully ignorant of anything outside Cambridge and cases, as I struggled to keep up even with the daily headlines (I also worked at a newspaper for a stint before school, so doubly embarrassing). I gradually caught up, only to hit recruiting season and the expectation that I should know far more about recent deals and transactions than my superficial reading of the business section would allow. Oh, and I should be way more knowledgeable about current trends in tech and media. And so I was back to square one – time-crunched and underprepared.

Then, suddenly, an EC gave me a magic formula – sign up to a few choice news digest emails, and have the need-to-know headlines and the most relevant articles sitting in your inbox in time for breakfast. Since then daily newsletters have flourished – it seems like Fortune is launching a new variation every week, the Skimm raised a Series A, Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner have started LennyLetter as their newest project, and 3 HBS/HKS grads have won praise from Noam Chomsky for the DailyPnut (see this week’s Series W profile). I really believe that there’s something out there for everyone, so here are a few recommendations, most of which are free (caveat – this list is heavily biased towards my interests, so would love other recommendations!):

If you…

…like being able to hold a conversation at dinner parties – The Skimm, NextDraft, Quartz

…would love to be able to crack a new and original Gr-exit joke – The Daily Pnut

…want to be clued in for finance – the FT, Term Sheet

…are interested in news for and about women – The Broadsheet, Lenny Letter

…have tech/VC aspirations – Mattermark Daily, Launchticker, The Information (longer form, more thoughtful articles), The Monday Note

…want to lead a better life – Further

…are an ardent fan of British sports, particularly the histrionics of the Premier League – SportCut, The Fiver

…don’t mind Fortune flooding your inbox (they really are very good) – Powersheet, CEO Daily, Data Sheet

…are brand conscious – The Economist Espresso, WSJ, Guardian Weekly, What We’re Reading (NYT), The Slatest


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